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SeniorCareData - Doctors, Hospitals and Nursing Home Comparison

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ("CMS") produces an enormous amount of data, much of it updated on a monthly basis. The data is there but it is not easy to access or to understand. SeniorCareData turns the data into useful information. We've developed millions of webpages that help make sense of the CMS data. Want to know in what locations your doctors group operates? Want to compare one skilled nursing facility to another? How about looking for home healthcare agencies that serve your ZIP code? We are constantly adding new ways to look at senior healthcare data.

How Our Doctors, Hospitals & Nursing Home Comparison System Works

SeniorCareData is an independent data resource organized to provide better and deeper insight into the market for senior healthcare services. We do not collect data directly. We pull publicly available databases and look for important insights such as nursing home comparisons that are not easy to make.

Find Local Providers

Not sure who to turn to? We can help. Use our search pages to find skilled nursing homes, home healthcare providers, dialysis services, hospitals, doctors and doctors groups and compare them.

Nursing Homes and Nursing Home Comparisons

Nursing homes are of special interest to us. We have spent a lot of time looking at the data on nursing homes and trying to understand it because we know personally how difficult it is to look for a nursing home for a loved one. Choosing the nursing home is just the first step. Every night you wonder, are they being properly cared for? Did I do the right thing? That is what drives us to keep looking for more and better information.

CMS updates the data on nursing homes eleven times a year and we retrieve it as quickly as they publish it. Our dataset goes back to January 2014. That gives us a lot of data to use to drive deeper understandings of each nursing home and to make better nursing home comparisons. With each updated, CMS generates extensive metrics, including multiple inspections scores and five different 5-Star Ratings. These give us a good handle to review nursing home performance and to develop comparisons of nursing homes.

We are continually working to find new and better ways to compare nursing homes with the goal of better

Home Healthcare Agencies and Home Healthcare Comparisons

In order to save money and because of better outcomes, Medicare has been moving to emphasize providing help to senior in their homes rather than moving them into more expensive institutions like skilled nursing facilities.

CMS provides a single 5-star rating for home healthcare agencies and multiple survey metrics. We are building detailed reports to help make sense of this data. This includes ranking home healthcare provides by 5-Star rating when you search for a provider. This allows you to make a quick comparison of home healthcare providers.

More to Come

We are still “under construction”, so check back often. Providing better and deeper insight means we are constantly looking for new ways to understand the data and we believe that we are just scratching the surface.

Ways to Use Our Healthcare Providers & Nursing Home Comparison System

Our goal is to add new features at least weekly. Here are some things that we don’t want you to miss:

  • Nursing Home Comparisons based on Geography

    We’ve located each of the facilities in the database by latitude and longitude and then determined the boundaries for a 10 mile and 25 radius around the facility. Using these two features we can easily build a comparison for nearby skilled nursing homes even if they are in different cities.

  • Nursing Home Ownership

    Our database identifies not just the operating entity for each skilled nursing facility but also the direct owners and their parent entities. Now you can quickly see whether two facilities are related in some way to avoid bad owners.

  • Compare Home Healthcare Agencies

    Find out which home healthcare agencies service your are by ZIP Code and see how they compare. FInd the best home healthcare agencies and avoid the worst.

  • Custom Data Sets

    Do you need this data to run your own analysis or to fuel a marketing campaign? Whatever your specific needs are, purchase a custom report from us in whatever form you like from Excel spreadsheets to APIs.